Weird Culture Kids - Ngoc (Bi) Nguyen

Working with Sarah on my first memoir was an absolute pleasure. Her coaching not only helped build my identity as an author, but also pushed me to be more intentional in my word choice. Her editing allowed me to cut down pages and pages of useless words in order to focus on the core of the story – a powerful writing style that I discovered with her. Sarah’s patience and genuine interest in my vision of the book was an important ingredient to the success of my book. I hope to be privileged enough to work with her again on my second book

Ngọc (Bi) Nguyễn, Author (Memoir)

Weird Culture Kids, New Degree Press

Brains Beauty Boss - Barbara Euripides

“Sarah was a phenomenal editor and mentor in my journey as an author, and I truly could not have published my first book without her. Her feedback was always incredibly thoughtful and insightful, and this helped me unlock my potential in writing. In addition, Sarah was always prompt in responding and in providing me with edits, which made the publication process 100x easier. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Sarah!” 

Barbara Euripides, Author (Nonfiction)

Brains, Beauty, Boss: The Ultimate Guide for Women in the Workplace, New Degree Press

Wake up Call - Deb Finch

My entire experience was made so much better by having Sarah as my editor.  We worked closely for a period of almost six months, and Sarah provided timely and helpful information, suggestions, and support throughout the entire process of revising and publishing. Sarah became a trusted mentor, reminding me that I could write this book and she was always there to pick me up and encourage me if I was feeling overwhelmed. Her feedback on my writing was incredibly helpful and thoughtful; she had wonderful suggestions for ways to improve my writing and make it appealing to the reader.  My book would not have been nearly as interesting without her guidance.

Deb Finch, Author (Nonfiction)

Wake Up Call: Lessons from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Nonprofit SocialMedia, New Degree Press

“Sarah did an incredible job getting me through my first major revision. She tactfully identified issues with my pacing and where my writing lacked clarity. She sent me a PDF of her overall notes and critiques but also worked directly in the text identifying areas of improvement as we approached them. She’s professional, efficient, and was an absolute joy to work with!”

B. G. Cane

YA Fiction Author (Sci-Fi)

“Sarah was very helpful in editing my novel. She was able to provide specific story-level feedback that nailed down some big problems I had been struggling to identify. She responded promptly and professionally and was able to provide criticism with kindness. She was just what my novel needed!”

Christie Ligh

YA Fiction Author (Historical Fantasy)

“I loved the notes Sarah provided me! I found her suggestions clear and straightforward and most importantly encouraging. She not only told me what I could improve but talked about the things that worked too. I couldn’t wait to start revising once I finished reading her notes. She gave me a well-rounded list that covered character development, relationship development, setting and plot–each in an in-depth and thorough manner. It was clear she had a solid understanding of my novel along with a real sense of my vision for it. Thanks to her notes I knew exactly what I needed to do to revise. I would definitely recommend!”

Elizabeth Toth

YA Fiction Author (Historical Fantasy)

“Sarah has been a huge help for me and my story. She pointed out what she liked about my story and the parts I could improve on to make it better. I can now see what this story needs and I’m happy to have met her because of what she brought with her editing. She has been very friendly and professional, and it was easy to talk to her. I can tell that she cares about my story and I’m thankful for her. In the future, she’s the one I’ll definitely come to with my future stories!”

Ash Jackson

YA Fiction Author (Urban Fantasy)